Can Truckers Work Part Time? Working Hours For Truckers

can truckers work part time

Many people wonder, can truckers work part time? The truth is that it depends on the circumstances. It is possible for truckers to make a good living while working part-time. Here are the benefits and limitations of this option. Read on to learn more. If you are a trucker who wants to make a living […]

Short Haul vs Long Haul Trucking

short haul vs long haul trucking

There’s a lot to consider when deciding whether short haul vs long haul trucking is right for you. It’s not just a matter of choosing the option that will pay you more – you also have to think about things like the type of freight you’ll be hauling, the length of your haul, and whether […]

Trucking Business Breakeven Point

Trucking Business Breakeven Point

Do you truly know your trucking business breakeven point? Having a trucking business can be very lucrative, but it also has a lot of risks. In this article, we’ll discuss the important concepts behind trucking businesses, and talk about what you need to know in order to calculate your breakeven point. By doing this, you […]

Best Bank For Truck Drivers

best bank for truck drivers

Do you have a truck? Are you thinking about getting a truck? If you do, you’ll want to make sure you have the best bank for truck drivers and trucking companies. There are a few things to take into account when choosing a bank for truck drivers. First, you’ll want to make sure the bank […]

Journal Entries – What You Need To Know

Accounting journals are used to record all the financial transactions of a business from sales to purchases and everything in between. In most companies of today’s computerized world, journal entries are automated. In order to understand the basic premise of accounting, it’s important to know how manual journal entry works. The reader should also have […]

Why Reading Accounting Statements Is Beneficial

According to the accounting framework financial statements are prepared for shareholders and potential investors who it argues are the main users of financial information. In a small entity business owners are the shareholders. Accounting Is for Business Owners and not Accountants Accountants and bookkeepers understand the numbers reported in financial statements such as the balance […]

Understanding Income Statements

There are at least two parts to the income statement, the revenue portion, and the expenses portion. In most small companies the revenue is one line item, and there is no need for anything else. The expense portion of the statement can be a little more complex. Most businesses will track direct and indirect expenses. […]