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Truckers Accountant

Allow us to be your financial GPS. We’ll direct you on the path to financial success with your trucking business.

Trust Worthy

We’ve worked for the corporate giants, and have taken our experience and specialize solely in Accounting for Truckers and Truck Drivers.


Over 20 years experience in the fields of auditing, taxes, truckers accounting, bookkeeping and much more. We’re your one stop solution for everything related to finance.


You can be assured that are extremely professional, discreet and will do all that we can to ensure that you’re well protected, and we follow all federal guidelines.

What we Do

We Are The Accountants For Truck Drivers

Individual & Corporate Taxes 

We can handle all your individual and corporate tax needs for your trucking business. Let us handle all the financial paperwork and you handle the driving.

Financial Planning

Do you need help planning for your financial future? Leave it all to us, we work on preparing financial plans to meet your specific business and individual needs.

Audit Defense & Services

With over 20 years experience in auditing and taxes, you can be assured that we do our best to prevent any auditing of your returns. You’re in good hands.

Accounting Resources & Articles

Checklist Of Owner & Operator Expense Costs For Truck Drivers

Checklist Of Owner & Operator Expense Costs For Truck Drivers

Are you considering getting into the trucking industry? Or perhaps you are already running a small fleet, but you are wondering whether your business is really profitable or not. Trucking involves a lot of expenditures from office rental, truck maintenance as well as...

8 Point Checklist For Starting A Trucking Business

8 Point Checklist For Starting A Trucking Business

The trucking industry is a huge help in every country’s economy. Different products need to be transported locally or even outside the state. With that said, the demand for trucking services will always be there. So if you think that you have a good business plan,...

5 Tax Filing Tips For Truck Drivers

5 Tax Filing Tips For Truck Drivers

While most truck drivers may not find tax filing an interesting topic, this is still something that they need to do no matter what. So if you are an owner-operator, it is not enough that you complete your deliveries on time. You should also know how to manage your...

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You can use the following methods to contact us. Trucker’s Accountant is owned and operated by Cheralis Financial and its President is Cherisse Skeete.


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M-S: 8am-6pm, Sunday: Closed